Thursday November 26, 2015

Lots of fun in fibers class

Written by Aniyah Rasheed, Staff Writer and Taylor Mouser, Co-Editor
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There are many interesting electives offered at Bremen High School. Many classes offer students the opportunity to explore different areas of interest and find new hobbies they can enjoy for the rest of life. Fibers class is one of the most popular electives among students. This class offers students the opportunity to learn about the fiber arts including embroidery, crocheting, quilting, basket weaving, and so much more. 

   Fibers is led by Mrs. Sheila Tolleson, whose college professor, Dr. Burns, instilled the love of fiber art in her. Tolleson stated, “I enjoy seeing the students’ enjoyment of creating a useable object and the pride they have in saying, I did this with my hands all by myself.” Throughout the year, students in fibers create a variety of useful projects and use many materials. Kelcei Barham stated, “My favorite part of fibers is making the quilts.” Barham wanted to join Fibers because “I thought it would be cool to make things myself.” 

   In order to succeed in the class, students are required to have fabric, yarn, thread, needles, and wooden weavers. The usual amount of time it takes to complete a project is about two weeks, while the anticipated quilt project can take up to nine weeks or more. Tolleson strongly encourages students to give fibers a chance and she jokingly adds, “bring a box of band-aids.” Students who join fibers agree the class teaches patience and gives you the opportunity to learn and feel a sense of accomplishment when you look at the work you completed. Fibers is an extremely fascinating class that requires hard work and a lot of patience. Students will find the hours of dedication worthwhile when they see the pride they have put into their product.   


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